[ High School House ]

High School House

One year - (1 credit) 2-3 periods per day. This class may qualify for Tech Prep credit
Semester offered: Full year - Grade level open to: 10, 11, 12
Prerequisites: Woods 1-2 or Pre-Construction or instructor's permission
Based on residential construction and building codes: picking site, layout on site, concrete (forming and finishing), estimate materials, framing walls and roofs, stair construction, house wiring, brick laying, plumbing, floor covering, drywall installation and taping, roofing on site.
An actual house may be built my students.
Students can expect to:
- master the basic skills necessary to successfully meet the requirements as established in the course content and equally as important, must be able to understand and reason out the problems which confront the workers in the building trades.
- have lectures, class discussion, demonstrations, field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on projects which are all practiced within the year.

Day/Date Assignment
Monday 10/28/2013 Stair Project
Tuesday 10/29/2013 Basement Wall Framing
Wednesday 10/30/2013 Unit 12 and 14
Thursday 10/31/2013 Trusses
Friday 11/01/2013 Fascia/ Sheathing/ Paper