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Power Technology

One Semester(1/2 credit)
Semester offered: (Both) Grade level open to: 10,11,12
Prerequisites: None
Content: Students will provide a small four cycle lawn mower engine or stationary engine to disassemble and repair if needed. Theory of operation of two and four cycle engines. Factors relating to design, construction, and operation of automotive engines. The operation of fuel, lubrication, cooling, and ignition systems are covered also. Shop practices and safety are stressed. Practical experience will be to disassemble the small engine, clean, measure, and recondition valves and parts as needed. The students will then reassemble the engine and make the engine run.
Students can expect to:
- prepare themselves for the advanced power
- be involved in practical small engine work and mechanics class theory, Le., seat work
Students will learn:
- operating principles of 2-stroke and cycle engines gas and diesel - shop practices and safety procedures - identification and proper use of hand tools and measuring tools 4-stroke - repair of small one-cylinder 4-stroke stationary engines - to be made aware of some of the computer functions on present day engines

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