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Welding 2

One Semester(1/2 credit)
Semester offered: (Second) Grade level open to: 10, 11, 12
Prerequisites: Welding 1
Content: This course is designed to take the student who has completed Welding 1 further in their course of study in the world of welding. Instruction will be centered around practical, hands-on application welding on both required and student-engineered projects. A real¬world emphasis will be placed on the class content by not only improving upon existing welding knowledge but also by working in the factors of cost analysis, shop time and space constraints, correct weld procedure, print leading and layout, and proper selection of equipment and techniques best suited for the project at hand. TIG and MIT welding on both aluminum and steel will be covered in depth in addition toa closer look at welding processes covered in Welding !. Students can expect to: - answer written worksheet questions on various reading assignments - complete required safety-related assignments - do shop mathematics, common fractions, decimal conversion and formulas - be able to assign and properly identify the correct welding symbols needed for a particular weld in a particular location Students will learn to: - select the proper welding procedure/process required for a project - layout properly a project and calculate accurately the cost associated with the project - manage correctly the heat and distortion of metal being welded - weld a project together successfully with an understanding of heat control and distortion as associated with the action of heating metal - design and fabricate successfully their own welding project - be required to wear safety classes in shop at all times - fabricate the necessary jigs and fixtures needed for the successful completion of welding task - operate correctly the TIG and MG welding processes and be able to work them into a welding project

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