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This class is designed for students that are interested in a career in engineering, construction, business, or design.  The course will include a general study of the relationships between math, science, business, the arts, and engineering.  We will examine the factors that affect design, professional ethics, how data drives decisions, and how to work with a diverse group of individuals.  The course will be project driven.  The projects may include proposing an alternative energy lighting project for a parking lot to proposing a swimming pool and building for a school.  The projects will include making detailed plans and cost analysis.  Students that have taken any of the following courses: advanced math, physics, drafting, metals, woods, business, and the arts are encouraged to take this course.

Moreover we firmly agree with the district believe statement that:

All students deserve teachers and staff who thrive on student success.

Each student will have fair and equitable opportunity for quality instruction and academic success.

All students learn when their individual needs are met.

All students and staff learn and work best in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.

Highly skilled and committed personnel are our greatest asset.

Quality education is a partnership of student, staff, family, and community engagement.

Dedication to acknowledging, affirming, and including diversity enriches the educational experience for all.

District resources, programs and staff are flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of all students.

A well-educated community is the foundation of our democracy.



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